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Mick O'Donnell

An Australian Author of Crime and History Novels

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Mick's fifth book, Moments in Time, Is now available online and in good book stores

The much anticipated fifth novel from Mick O'Donnell,


is now available in both

paperback and eBook:

A Heartfelt, Intimate, and Dramatic Australian story of romance and intrigue set during the chaotic time of World War 1.

Mick's Books


Intimate, Faith,

Hopeful, Provocative

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Drama, Suspense, Love

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Suspense, Exciting, Emotive

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Thriller, Gritty, Investigative

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Angel Eyes: Shadow of Death

November 2017

Pat O’Neil, a retired Australian Federal Police (AFP) agent becomes obsessed with a woman he calls Angel Eyes, after he is caught up in a bombing of a commuter train in Madrid, Spain in March 2004.

His expertise is in counter terrorism. He is sent to Afghanistan as a Special Agent to track down a radicalised Australian.

The quest becomes more than a ‘capture and arrest’ when he discovers that the terrorists are developing a powerful weapon that will change the world’s understanding of mobilisation.

Whilst Pat is in Afghanistan, his long-time partner, Sargent Ginger Winslow, becomes involved in a related investigation. She is physically threatened by criminal elements who fear their drug supply from Afghanistan will be interrupted.

When Pat is injured, he questions the value of his contribution. Even a brief respite Pat and Ginger enjoy in Istanbul is fraught with danger. It appears that the terrorists are always one step ahead.

An exciting and tension filled adventure of personal failures, fears and doubts, set in a world of evil across country boarders that few of us will ever experience.

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Absence of Evidence

August 2015

This novel was partly inspired by my involvement in the repatriation of the five Australians killed after the Garuda 737 crash at Adisucipto International airport, Yogyakarta airport on 7 March 2007. It is dedicated to the 21 passengers who died in the crash.

The Australians killed were diplomat Liz O'Neill, AusAID official Allison Sudradjat, my work colleagues Australian Federal Police officers Brice Steele and Mark Scott, and Australian Financial Review journalist Morgan Mellish.

Aspects of the principal characters stories are integrated into the plot of this novel.

My late father-in-law, Dick van Arkel (1914-2001), served in Surabaya, Malang and Batavia with the Dutch military police between 1945 and 1950, and my late father, John O’Donnell (1912-1980), served with the Far East Liaison Office [FELO] on Morotai in 1945.

Bishop Aloysius (Allo) Morgan AO, RFD, ED (1909-2008) was a good friend of mine in his older years. Relevant to this story, he was a Chaplain with the 2nd Australian Imperial Force in Papua New Guinea from 1942 to 1945. He remained an Army Chaplain until 1981 when he retired as the Army's Chaplain General.

Betrayal: The Curse of Father Patterson

August 2015

An attractive, young Irish immigrant, Kathleen Delaney is swept up in her new Australian surroundings after leaving her homeland in 1913. In her loneliness and naivety, she is drawn to a friendship with well-meaning Father Jim Patterson. Kathleen becomes his fascination that turns to passion and subsequent obsession. He is compromised by Kathleen’s hot-headed, idealist brother Owen. A conspiracy is uncovered that has the potential to dramatically influence the government’s decision at a critical time in Australia during the First World War. Kathleen is declared a lunatic by a local bishop. Father Patterson’s darkest fears arise; to rescue her could destroy him, and yet the Church he loves and serves seems intent on destroying her. Betrayal is a story of flawed human behavior.

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The Spectre of Stillsbury Lane

October 2014

He’d loved to have given ‘the old man’ a hug but felt embarrassed in front of the all-male company. However, the obvious affection did cause a long, standing ovation as John paused and looked at the tired face of his father who now rarely showed emotion. The pale, bespectacled man before him had an almost comical look with two shocks of unkempt grey hair on either side of his large, bald skull. Finally, he acknowledged some of the guests. “Mr. Shin Okada is with us tonight, representing the Japanese Trade Commission.” John gave a cursory bow. “I also ask that you convey my compliments to the newly appointed Trade Commissioner, Mr. Toru Kaneko in Sydney who has sent his apologies. Our Japanese friends have a great respect for the horses from our district. Not only do they purchase these fine animals for recreation, but they are also very popular with the Imperial Japanese army in their current campaigns.”

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About Mick

Mick O’Donnell grew up in Maitland N.S.W. He served in radio communications with the Royal Australian Navy for 20 years, including 2 years at the Naval Communications base on Manus Island, on RAN ships during the Borneo confrontation and in supervisory roles during the Vietnam conflict.
He worked with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) initially in the Bureau of Criminal Intelligence (BCI) from 1985 as the Head of Information Data Services (IDS). He traveled extensively with the AFP, and between 2004 and 2009 he was attached to the International Deployment (ID) group on numerous peacekeeping missions throughout the Pacific and South Asia. He was part of the AFP response to the bombing of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta in 2005 and the response to the Garuda aircraft crash at Jogjakarta in May 2007 in which 21 people were killed including 2 AFP officers, and visited the International Counter Terrorist College in Samarang, Java, Indonesia. He was regularly deployed to the Solomon Islands as part of the Regional Australian Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI), and was involved with the AFP response to the Honiara riots in the Solomon Islands in April 2006. He visited East Timor many times, and was part of the AFP response to the civil unrest in Dili in May 2006.
Mick studied creative writing at the University of Canberra, Australia.
He was awarded a Bachelor of Theology from the Sydney College of Divinity, and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from the ACU. He lives in Canberra.

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